One of the Ranger jeeps on patrol.
Escorting of German prisoners in Cherbourg.
The Blue Sonoco.  Rangers of the 2nd and 5th Battalions were authorized to wear this patch, but the design was highly unpopular with the men.
Designed during the Battle of the Huertgen Forest by Lt Anthony Rada, the Ranger scroll was officially recognized in 1983.
Information collected and reviewed for accuracy by 2010.
"These are the boys of
Pointe du Hoc. These are
the men who took the cliffs.
These are the champions
who helped free a
These are the heroes who
helped end a war."
-President Ronald Reagan
2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion

APO 230

Lt Col. William Saffarans
1st Commander of  2nd Rangers
Maj. Rogers
- 2nd Ranger Commander for days
- 3rd Commander of Rangers for 1 day
Major L.E. McDonald
- 4th Commander on April 15, 1943
Col. James Earl Rudder
- 5th Commander on June 30, 1943
- Commander of Provisional Ranger Group
- Transferred to 109 Inf. Reg. 28th ID on Dec 6, 1944
Maj. George S. Williams
- XO of Rangers
- 6th Commander of Rangers on Dec 6, 1944
Maj. Richard Sullivan
- Commander of 5th Ranger Bn.
- XO of Provisional Ranger Group
Capt. Joseph Lacy
- Chaplin
Lt(jg) Kenneth Norton
- Naval Fire Control Officer
Capt Walter Block, M.D.
- Medical Officer
- LCA 722
- Killed Hill 400 on Dec 8
Master Sgt. Robert Lemin
- 2nd Ranger Bn Sgt. Mjr.
Capt Otto “Big Stoop” Masney
- F Company Commander
- LCA 883
- Captured on Hill 400 on Dec 7
Lt. Richard Wintz
- XO of F Company
- LCA 883
Lt. Jacob Hill
- F Co Platoon Leader
- LCA 884
LT. Robert Arman
- F Co Platoon Leader
- LCA 887
1st Sgt. Charles Frederick
- F Co. 1st Sgt.
Sgt. William “L-Rod” Petty
- 2nd Platoon Sergeant

Jan 8
- school for Rangers found by 2nd Army Commanding General at Camp
Forrest, Tennessee
March 11
- Constitutes as 2nd Ranger Battalion
- Activated at Camp Forrest, TN
- Wears 2nd Army patch
- Sgt. takes new recruits on a 5-mile march in one hour
- Livingin tent city
- Moves into barracks
- Dept of Army approves “Blue Sonoco” patch for all Ranger Battalions
1- Re-designated 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion
- Takes a troop train to Florida (heavy rain)
5- 1000 Arrive at Fort Pierce
13- Raid on Fort Pierce against OCD, 2nd Rangers capture the city
14- Passes issued
17- Train to New Jersey (First Class)
19- Fort Dix (1st weekend pass)
- All privates promoted to PFC
- 0400- Motor convoy to Camp Richie, Maryland
1530- Arrive at Camp Richie
22- Night problem capture CP on hill top
23- 0130- Leave for Fort Dix
- Between Sept - Oct, 2nd Ranger Bn receives diamond patch
- Issue of more clothing, barracks bags stenciled for movement
4 - All weapons are packed for shipping
- Film “Sexual Mortality” required viewing by all Rangers
5 - Film “Next of Kin” required viewing by all Rangers
9- Ranger patches removed from uniform
10- Leaves issued for all
11- Moves by rail
12- Arrive at Camp Shanks, New York (restricted to base)
14- Gas masks are issued and tested
15- Vaccinations are given
17- Practice on cargo nets. Physicals and dental work completed.
18- Men  are instructed on completing last will and testament
21- Move to port by 0800 pier 594
- First to board the
Queen Elizabeth
- Rangers are the “MPs” on ship and enforce the lifebelt rule
23- Ship voyages to England (rain and cold)
30- The Queen Elizabeth drops anchor at Grenach, Scotland
-  1000 2nd Ranger Battalion Disembarks the Queen Elizabeth
- 1800- Troop Train to Cornwall
2  - 1300- arrived at Bude, Cornwall
- Battalion Command Post set up at Links Hotel
- Receives new men from the 10th Replacement Depot
9  - Issued BARs
27- Combat  Training
29- Titchfield, County Dorset. Training commences with the British  No. 9

- Early- Isle of Wight (for 2 weeks) offers cliff exercises
12- Movement
14- Training in  Bude
- End of month 5 day passes issued
- Anniversary party
3- Movement
4- ATC
27- Movement to Dorchester, County Dorset
28- Receives 2 DUKWs with ladders
29- 2nd Ranger Battalion arrives at Dorchester, County Dorset
- Dorchester Exercise Fabius 1commences (boarded LCIs at Weymouth)
7- Moves to Swange, Dorset
9- Creation of Provisional Ranger Group under V Corps (2nd and 5th Ranger
19- Dorchester Marshaling Area D-5
31- Bombing raid on D-5
- Movement
2- Board HMS Ben My Chree
5- 1630 Sail for France

June 6- Operation Overlord, D-Day
(3/4 moon, sunrise 0558)
0400- Breakfast on board ship hotcakes and coffee
0805- F Co. reached intersection
Evening- Capt. Masny organize defense of CP
Point du Hoc- Grid 586937
- 6- 155mm (6.1 in) French Guns est. range 22,000 yds or more
- Underground Shelters and magazines, Trenches
- 3- 20 mm Flak Guns
- Defended by 2nd Battery, 832nd Army Coastal Bn and 200 men from 726
Inf. Reg., 716 Inf. Div., Germany
- 15 men wounded and 1 killed during landing and climb
- 90- 100 men left to fight 51 wounded
- D and E Company packs were lost in sunken boats
- Cover fire from HMS Talybont and USS Sattlerlee
- E Co and HQ Co- LCA 861,862,888 (first to land), 722
- D Co- LCA 668, 858
- F Co- LCA 887,884,883
- D Co. Mission- Guns 4, 5, 6
- E Co. Mission- OP, Gun 3
- F Co. Mission- Guns 1, 2, AA Position
- Dr. Block- Landed at Pointe du Hoc
- Lt. G.K. Hodenfield, correspondent Stars and Strips- Point du Hoc LCA 883
- Lt. Amos Potts, Army Photographer- Point du Hoc
- T/4 Irving Lomasky, Army Photographer- Point du Hoc
- PFC Keghan Nigohosian, Army Photographer- Point du Hoc
- Chaplin Lacy- Omaha Beach
- Capt. Jonathan A. Aarwood- commander of 293rd JASCO, attached
7- afternoon- relief party of 30 men, ammo, water, rations (organized by Maj.
Jack Street, 1st Ranger Bn)
8- 2nd Rangers relieved from Pointe du Hoe
9- Moves 8 miles to bivouac near Osmansville (light rain)
- F Co. captures German HQ with payroll
11- First Mail Call in France
-Moves to Bois de Molay (V Corps reserve)
-Receives Replacements
16- Moves 7 miles to Colombieres (1st Army Reserve)
19- Capt. Slater and 20 rangers join 2nd Ranger Battalion
20- Kitchens with Hot Food, and awards
21- 8 DSC, 14 Silver Stars
25- July 2- Guard duty
- 12 men sent to sniper school
3 - Moves to general military post near Beaumont-Hague
11- Relieves the 24th Cavalry Recon Squadron and held positions on the
Beaumont-Hague Peninsula
19- 15th Cavalry Recon Group relieve Rangers
- Moves on Buais in the vicinity of Mortain (attached VII Corps, 4th ID)
13- Moves to defensive positions east of Mayenne- relieved 2/16 Inf. Reg.
13-17- Guards bridges across the Mayenne River (attached to 9th ID)
17- Moves on Brest (attached to VIII Corps)
19- Travels to bivouac in vicinity of Le Folgoet
- F Co. outpost near St. Renan
22- D, E, F, Company attaches to the 29th ID
25- 1300 attack  commences on Brest (B, D, E, F Co. “Force Slater”)
27- Force Slater moves to Kervaourn
- Moves to St. Renan
28- Fights to Kersturet
- Moves to Kervegnon
30- Moves to Hill 63
- Moved off of Hill 63- 500 yards away
5- Moves back to Hill 63
6- 0830- B, D, E Co. attacks (heavy fighting, F Co. reserve)
7- 0730- attack continues
- Evening- Obj reached astride the Brest-Le Conquet Road
9- 0830- Battle to seize Plougenvelin commences
10- Le Conquet Peninsula turned over to FFI
14- Motor convoy to Landerneau (R and R)
17- Ordered to clear Crozon Peninsula
- Clears Le Fret Peninsula (attached to 8th ID)
18- German garrison of Brest surrenders
20- Detached move to Kirbilben
26- Moves to Landerneau
28- 40/8 cars travels to Arlon, Belgium (R and R)
- Moves (by truck in 4.5 hours) to Esch, Luxemburg (attaches to Combat
Command A of 5th Armored Div)
- Moves to Raeren, Belgium (attached to V Corps)
9- 1430 hours attaches to 8th ID
14- 1200 - Motor Convoy to Germeter, Germany
1700 - Arrival at Germteter, Gemrany
19- Relieved and moves 2000 yards west of Vossenack
21- Attack on Hurtgen commences
28- Town of Hurtgen captured (attached to 1st Army)
- Major George S. Williams assumes command of 2nd Rangers
- Receives mission to capture Castle Hill and Brandenberg-Bergsteain Ridges
-2330- blackout truck ride to Bergstein
7- 0130- de-truck at Hurtgen- foot movement
- 0200- arrives at Bergstein
- F Co. left side of Mountain
- 0500-0600- Recon Hill 400
- 0720- American Artillery/ German Mortar attack (Rangers in-between)
- 0830- Hill 400 captured
- Capt Masney captured by German forces
- 0930- D Company attacks
- 1242- 17 men of F Company left to fight (Sgt. Petty in charge)
- 12 men of D Company left to fight
- Dusk- Replacements Lt. Wintz, section of E Co., Lt. Kettlehut, FO
- 2345- Supplies delivered to remaining men
8- 0333- C Company of 121st Inf. Reg. reinforcements
- 2230-2400- relieved by 1st/13th 8th ID (22 Men left to fight)
9- 23 KIA, 110 WIA
- Moves to V Corps rest center at Eupen (attached to 28 Inf. Reg. 8ID)
16- 0940 moves to defense near Simmerath (attached to 78 ID)
- 2300- Ranger in position (C/130 Inf. Rgt and K/309 Inf. Rgt attached)
- Men in Paris can not return to the battalion
18- 53 replacements received

- Move to billets in Rotgen
8- Move to Schmidthof- replacements received
- attaches to 9 ID
22- 3 Day exercise
23- Moves to Dedenborn, V Corps reserve (attached to 102 Cavalry Group)
- Replacements to strength (600 men)
- 1200- D and E Co relieve 309 Inf. Rgt.
2- Moves on Ruhrburg
0345- F Company crosses Roer River
3- Moves on Wolfgarten (attached to 102nd Cavalry Group)
5- Moves to Rissdorf
7- Moves on Vischel
8- Moves to Mayschoss
9- 1500- Moves on Ahrweiler
11- Detached from 102nd Cav
26- 0845- Moves to Wallendar- attached to 102nd Cav
27- F Co. with Troop C captures 97 POW and destroys six 88mm guns
28- Moves to Dietz
29- Moves to Wolfenhausen
- Moves to Frilzlar secures airfield
30- Moves to Grafenwohr
- In April, 1426 POWs taken by 2nd Ranger Battalion
- Moves to Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
8- 2301 VE Day, "Official" End of Hostilities
- Inactivation of 2nd Ranger Batalion at Camp Patrick Henry, Va

18 DSC
77 Silver Stars
67 Bronze Stars
1000 Purple Hearts

Northern Europe
Central Europe

Distinguished Unit Citation (Presidential Unit Citation) Point du Hoc cited
WD GO 73, 1944
French Croix de Guerie with Silver-Gilt Star Point du Hoc cited DA GO43,

Rangers in World War II
By Robert W. Black

Rudder’s Rangers
By Ronald L. Lane

Famous Clubs
frequented by the 2nd
Ranger Battalion

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Hitching Post
Tom’s Place in Bordentown
Herby's Derby
The Oasis

Around England:
The Standard (private
Manor House
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