Welcome to the headquarters of  Fox Company,  2nd Ranger Battalion  
Living History Reenactment Group, located in the southeastern United States.  
Our unit is a non-profit group dedicated to preserving  history during one of
the world's most desperate eras, World War II.  Our award-winning unit and its
members have had the honor of appearing on the History Channel, as well as
volunteering for several films around the world.

Fox Company pursues the conservation of military history by working to
achieve the highest degree of WWII authenticity, not only in period equipment,
but by unit character and integrity as well. As such, we meet with many other
Allied and Axis re-enactment groups to participate in living history events,
simulated battles, and to understand the life of the soldier during World War II.

We choose to depict the 2nd Ranger battalion based on the courage and valor
these dauntless men exhibited in World War II, during the infancy of the United
States Army Rangers.  Without their sacrifice, the world as we know it would
not exist.

"Rangers, Lead the Way...."

Explore our site.  Inspect Fox Company.  And learn why.
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